CEC will be streaming  video of the CEC Board Meeting.  If you are planning to watch the meeting via the streaming broadcast, please follow these instructions:

  • First, go to the CEC SMART HUB website using the Chrome search engine if possible:
  • Login to Smarthub.  Enter your user name and password.  This should take you to the your homepage on SmartHub. 
  • Once you enter your SmartHub home page, click on the Quick Link on the left side of the page named Board Meeting Video. 
  • Last, click on the play button for the Vimeo Player.
  • Board meeting videos will be available following the board meeting on the last Tuesday of the month.  
  • To Download the directions for viewing board meetings and accessing Smart Hub, you can click the link, Directions for Viewing Board Meetings, at the bottom of this page. 



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Directions For Viewing Board Meetings (pdf)